In today's lesson we will look at the factors search engine rankings on Google. Let's start with the fact that search engine optimization is the process by which we increase the quantity and quality of traffic to a website from search engines such as Google, Yandex, Yahoo, Bing, etc. SEO makes your website more search engine friendly, easier scanning and evaluation of your site by search engines.

Before you begin optimization of a site, you must consider the following points:

Make sure that your site is good and clear navigation perelinkovka;
Try to avoid the use of JavaScript, Flash, frames, etc .;
Appropriate title and description key to successful ranking, do not forget about it;
Find out if the problem canonization. Use a 301 redirect to transfer the weight of the page;
Analyze the content of a site for keyword density;
Analyze the domain. Is it to your keywords;
Avoid excessive redirects to the website;
Check for duplicate pages;
Check the file robots.txt;
Create a file and sitemap.xml sitemap.html;
Check for broken links;
Check the crawl errors in Google Webmasters and if there are any - to correct them;
Try to reduce the load time of the site;
Check do follow and no follow links;
Keep track of the number of outbound links on the pages.
The main ranking factors Google


Factor 1 - What words and phrases present on the page?

If you want to move forward on some key request, ensure his presence on the page. Agree not logical to promote an inquiry about the window if you have an article about the door.

Factor 2: How common is the word / phrase on a page?

Google examines the page and looking for a number of occurrences of the query page - this ranking factor known as keyword density. The ideal keyword density is 3-5%.

Factor 3: Contents

Content should be qualitative and new. Google loves fresh content, frequently updated content ranked quickly. Do not create content for search engines. Instead, to create 4-5 pages on a single topic, it is best to create 1 page combines all the content together. Remember that even 1-2 pages with poor content can ruin the life of your site.

Factor 4: Relevance

Relevance is the most important factor in ranking pages. The more relevant - the higher ranked page, so content creation follow its relevance.

Factor 5: The popularity of the domain

The popularity of the domain, and his age is not the same thing. Example - Wikipedia.

Factor 6: Popular pages

Popular pages similar to the popular domain, but can not depend on the popularity of the domain.

Factor 7: Social Factors

Social factors are very important for the site, this is achieved through broadcasts on social networks and social placement of buttons on the site.