Anchor text - is the text in a hyperlink that describes the page on which is the most referenced.

Example: <a href=" "> Lessons SEO </a>

When we create a link, we pass it two types of data: directly the address of the link and anchor text.

How to create an anchor text

Anchor text is created using tag <a>

Example: <a href=" "> Lessons SEO </a>

Where are represented:

Attribute href, which indicates the link;
Text "Lessons SEO", which is the anchor text (must be prescribed before the closing </a>).
Relevance anchor text (his appointment SEO)

In terms of SEO anchor text is very important. Search engines recognize the anchor text associated with links, and collect data on the relevance of this page to anchor text.


Assume that the page displays information about the lessons of SEO, then anchor text to the page can be "learned seo", "seo lessons", "seo optimization lessons", "here", "read here," etc.

As you can see from the example above anchor text links can take different views, and referring people to your site can use any of the options.

The ideal ratio

Search engines read human behavior and figure out the percentage of different anchor. Respectively, and then evaluates the page, written by the above example in% of anchors is spread like this:

Lessons seo - 50%
SEO Lessons - 30%
seo optimization lessons - 10%
here, read here - 10%
In assessing the anchor text for the page "Lessons SEO" and search engines may rank the page and secondary keyword phrases in this essentially is the power of anchor text.

And finally, the instruction - not always use the same anchor text, it can lead to sanctions cash by search engines.