Linkbilding - is the process of getting back links to your site. A reverse link, in turn, - a reference to any other resource to your site. The more quality sites linking to yours resource.

Methods linkbildinga

Link building should take place at all times. The following are the methods of link building.


This method was very popular before, and all the new sites were run for all sorts of catalogs and then told that the run about ordering ennomu number of directories to get as many inbound links, traffic, particles and blah blah. Due to the pile of low-quality sites such as directories, search engines were forced to intervene in the situation and restore balance in the world of search results. As a result, the directories have lost their significance, but it does not apply to DMOZ and DMOZ.


There are some sites that placing quality articles have a reference to the original source. It's simple (not counting the fact that many of these sites have turned into a dustbin).

Social Bookmarking

Here, too, everything is simple. Social Bookmarking - is the means by which Internet users can share, create, search, and manage bookmarks (addresses) web-resources. Resources are a kind of social bookmarking likeness ideas bookmarks in the browser (approx. From Wikipedia).


Another good way to get backlinks - are blogs. For example, you can conduct a free blog on Blogger, WordPress, Ya.Ru and others. Sites. On them you can place back links on the side panels, or inserted into the content of your blog. The main thing is not spam and duplicate content with the main site - use your creativity.

Getting links from partners

You have a business and you have a regular partner? Then this item is suitable for you - the partners on the site you can place a link to the resource (of course, with their consent).

Getting links from Squidoo, Hubpages (these two items are more suitable for the bourgeoisie), Wikipedia, etc. Yutuba. Similar resources.

If you manage to get hold of a link with these resources you do not have a price :) And good reputation of these resources affect your site.

Guest posts

Guest posts are a good way to get backlinks. There are websites and blogs offer this service.

Sponsored Links

Be sponsored any competition, and in return ask for a backlinks.

The increase in social activity

Laiki, repost, tvity..Zdes understandable.

Creating a free widget

To your audience, you can create a free widget that users can use on your site (for example, some counter that respectively will link to your site).

Buying back links from search giant

Expensive, but effective. DMOZ and his ilk.

That's all.