Optimizing images for the site - one of the often overlooked aspects of search engine optimization. But you must remember that the correct image optimization is very important for the search engines. Image optimization - a reduction in the size of the image, while maintaining its quality and add the necessary attributes and the names of normal image to increase relevance.

How to optimize the picture?

Firstly the image must be reduced in size. This can be done, for example, with the help of Photoshop, which has the ability to save images for the Web (ctrl + shift + alt + s). If you do not have Photoshop, or it is too complicated for you to understand, that there are plenty of web services that reduce image links to them you can find below.

Secondly, let's image, while maintaining normal name. For example, optimizaciya-izibrazheniya.jpg, but not 13qwrt.jpg or 001.jpg etc. Also do not forget about using attribute alt, which prescribes the alternative text of the image. It is worth noting that lieth in the alt attribute is not welcomed by search engines.

Example: <img src = "optimizaciya-izibrazheniya.jpg" alt = "Image Optimization" height = "56" width = "56" />

Services and programs for optimizitsii images

For the most part the list presented gourmet services, but they are very easy to use.

Radical ImageOptimization Tool
OnlineImage Optimizer
Web Resizer
JPG Cleaner
Image Optim
Puny Png
Smush My Site
The benefits of optimized images

Image optimization is necessary because it helps to reduce the load time of the site, and also helps to use the available bandwidth, and reducing the size of the image file is this and promotes. In terms of SEO search engines find websites is better optimized if they load faster. The alt attribute helps search engines identify the image, and thus it can get in a search.