The analysis of competitors - is one of the determining factors is the best strategy in the planning of search engine optimization of your website. Competitive analysis gives an overview of the sites that are highly ranked by the keywords you've chosen, and consequently they are well optimized, for which he gained the trust of search engines. The analysis of competitors should not be neglected because thanks to him, you can find answers to key questions related to the proper website optimization.

What is the analysis of competitors' sites?


The phrase "an analysis of competitors' sites," speaks for itself - it's finding out the reasons why a competitor's site ranks high in search engines for given keywords.

The main points of the analysis of competitors' sites:

Go to a search engine in which you want to check competitors' sites and enter your chosen request;
Select sites occupying the first three positions in the search results;
Visit each one and analyze the factors listed below:
Site Address to the presence of a keyword;
Age of domain;
Title and Meta tags on the page;
Use headings H1-H3 and bold;
Relevance of content;
The credibility of the domain;
PR page;
Keyword density;
The presence of a site in dmoz, yahoo directories and Yandex;
The number of back links to sites and pages;
The number of quality links to sites and pages;
Localization of the site;
Use anchor text in backlinks;
Internal links and relinking site;
Use bread crumbs;
Using the context of references and links in the footer;
Number of pages indexed by search engines;
The presence of social buttons;
Alexa rank of the site (important for gourmet sites).
Download time site.
When the competitor analysis, try to understand why the site is useful for users and some useful information website carries. Let your motto will be:

If the site is useful to the user, and the search engine will appreciate it.
Benefits Analysis of competitors' sites will help you:

ability to understand the relevance of search engines;
well prepare a strategy to promote your site;
find the right backlinks;
understand user preferences;
learn what you can accomplish in SEO.