In fact, the Internet consists of billions of links, which can cross from one resource to another, but not all of these billions of links workers, among them there are broken. Broken links are a part of the architecture of the Internet, which means that from time to time you will encounter them.

There are two types of links that are found on the websites:

Internal links that lead from one page of your site to another.
External links - links that point to other websites, blogs, graphics, documents, etc.
Above the internal link you have complete control, but there is a problem with the external - the owner can change the address, if not removed.

Broken links in terms of SEO can harm your site, because one of the factors that search engines pay attention - this is the site's usability. And if the crawler when visiting your site comes to "dead ends" and broken links, it can cause problems. The first site will scan properly or the page will not be indexed. Search robot stomping from page to page on your site determines the keywords of pages, and dead link acts on the robot as a sign "STOP", and then he can simply follow. And if the robot is too often found with 404 pages, the value of the site in the eyes of the robot simply reduced.

Secondly, these pages are inconvenient for visitors to your site. You spend time and effort on a new article or page, the visitor with the hope that he is looking for this information goes to your site, and what he sees? 404, or instead he needed schedules empty rectangles, or something else. Agree, shame.

That's why an integral part of site support is just checking broken links. If you have a huge site with a bunch of papers or, for example, some products, the broken links does not so much affect your life, and if you have a site for a few hundred pages, broken links can have a negative impact.

Do not be lazy to visit the SEO tools such as Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, Webmaster Yandex (if you have a site into WordPress, you can just put the plug Broken Link Checker, which will find a link for you) et al., Which will help you to identify broken links . Domestic broken links can be corrected by editing addresses or redirect, well outside can only be corrected by removing or search for alternative links.

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