American Economic portal ZeroHedge conducted its own investigation of the change of physical gold reserves in the London vaults. The result of the analysis was the interesting findings of experts.

China's central bank is buying gold around the world in the form of gold bars weighing 400 ounces. But he does so not through official trading platforms, and most directly, without informing the international community. Buying gold directly bypasses Statistics Shanghai Gold Exchange (Shanghai Gold Exchange), as well as the statistical service of Switzerland, which publishes monthly data on turnover with its trading partners in 2013

This is just one of the conclusions to which the US has come ZeroHedge portal as part of its recent study. Supplies of gold to China from Switzerland in the form of 1-kilogram ingots intended only for retail gold market.

The second important conclusion came specialists ZeroHedge based on data that provided intelligence site, namely figures for the import of gold in England and data on changes in physical gold in the vaults of London from 2011 to 1747 differ tons of gold.

Therefore, the final conclusion of the portal ZeroHedge reads as follows: China's central bank (People's Bank of China) has in its reserves much more gold than he recently reported on the level of 1658 tonnes. Possible undercover purchases of gold by the Central Bank of China might explain the "unexplained" difference in the data on the availability of physical precious metals vaults in London LBMA (London Association of the precious metals market)