On September 18, it became known that the acceptance of applications to transition customers from Fx-Trend in the new company will be completed on September 22, at 12:00 Moscow time. At this point, the reference to "transition" in your account is no longer displayed, and thus find their application, delete, or file a new long as possible. In this regard, there are some questions that help to understand support site:

- How to track the status of their application?

All applications currently pending. Those whose applications will be selected to go to receive all necessary information about the company and the conditions under which and will decide on the transition. Information on the status of the application will appear in your account Forex Trend after the 1st of October.

I recall that a positive response on the application does not require the customer to accept the terms, and does not support such a transition to a time of acceptance of all necessary documents. The documents that provide the legal justification for the transfer of funds from the Forex Trend in the new company, posted for information on the Web site of the company.
- Would it be possible to apply for the transition to the future?

Yes, you can. Submission of applications for "1 + 1" will be provided time to time, but when, and in what framework, is still unknown.

For those who want to go at a discount, will operate exchange deposits. The estimated launch date Exchange - October 1st.
- How to cancel a previously filed application?

After October 1, the opportunity to resume.

As you can see, everything is tied to the key date, October 1 - the launch date of the new company.

By the end of 2015, the new broker plans to complete all the procedures with the translation, that is, to stop accepting new applications for customers FT transition to the new company. Customers whose funds had to be transferred to the new company in a phased manner, these restrictions are not affected.