Surely, every trader has the hope to increase the profitability of their trade. This is not surprising, because it is for such a purpose and maintained trading. But in order to achieve the desired result, you need to have some basics of conducting trading. But even with the possession of a pretty successful trading strategy it is not always possible to achieve high profitability of trading. On the profitability of trading operations is affected by many details. In the manual type of trading a very important role played by the human factor, which under no circumstances can not be discounted. The emotional state sometimes does not allow a trader to trade, because in these moments there is no way to adequately assess the market situation. Also prevents profitable trading and market volatility.
At some point changes are so unpredictable, they can create a real threat to the deposit in the trading account.
In an effort to increase the profitability of their trading, many traders try to resort to various possibilities. For example, some of them try to start trading in the long term, and subsequently maintain intraday trade in the same direction as the main trend. This approach is one of the most common. Another method of increasing profits is that a trader seeks to minimize losses. This can help ownership risk management skills. For this purpose the weighted margin trading, the adequate use of trade volumes.
No less important while limiting risk is the use of restraints losses. Setting stop-loss has become almost an integral part of every trading strategy. But all these methods allow only increase profitability by eliminating a number of unprofitable trades thanks to the skillful risk management.
How profitable trading robots
But some traders have already managed to learn other methods of doing business, which more than contribute to the income. For example, in recent years rapidly increased profitability robototreydinga, and this has not gone unnoticed. To date, the use of automated trading in trading is becoming more common jerky. This is eloquently statistics. On the world markets. Depending on the economic region, from 35 to 60 percent of all of the transactions took place through automated trading systems. And I must say that about 80 percent of them are profitable.
Hence it is easy to draw a conclusion about the future use of trading robots in the practice of currency trading and profitability robototreydinga.
The reasons for the use of robots in financial transactions a lot. But the most common - is the emotional impact and profitability of trade. Whatever was not a reliable trading strategy, anyway, sooner or later it crashes. And the reason for this failure lies not in error and inconsistency in trading strategies. The reason in almost all such cases be in the trader. Excessive fatigue, loss of care, confusion and uncertainty - these are just some of the components of the failed transactions. And besides, there is the imperfection of the trading strategy.
Sometimes some defects can be detected only after a long time. And just a single defect in the trading strategy may be to merge the contents of the entire deposit in the trading account. In this regard, the profitability robototreydinga has significant advantages. Trading robots do not experience such emotional stress, which is usually subject to men. And therefore much more profitable trade. The profitability of their actions is justified not only complete lack of emotional and psychological dependence. For most trading robots is characterized by systematic management of trade due to their inherent in the special program.
Actions in the analysis algorithm consistently clear assessment of the situation is not affected by possible changes in the market. If in the case of manual trading system, in some cases, may have doubts, then the automated trading all calculations continue to be committed, according to the written program and without distractions.
The method of increasing profitability
But, even having in their arsenal the possibility of automated trading, a trader can either increase the profitability of its operations or to reduce it. This is achieved by increasing the claims, the volume of trade, as well as by the use of aggressive tactics automated trading. Yes, indeed there is, and mechanical methods of conducting trade in a variety of tactics. And using mobile and transient methods can be achieved absolutely amazing results. For this purpose, there are special experts and advisers, written specifically for the conduct of scalping the market. Of course, in this case the increased risk. But even when a loss-making situation, the situation quickly offset by other, immediately open transactions.